Your one-stop-shop for navigating the procurement process of Natural Climate Solution (NCS) carbon credits.



    An online community platform designed specifically for carbon credit buyers and investors. It features curated content related to the NCS procurement process, providing a safe space for learning and collaborating to achieve climate and nature goals.

    The Hub is supported by the NCS Alliance and a dedicated Taskforce of experts in the fields of Natural Climate Solutions and the voluntary carbon market. 



    By joining the NCS Procurement Hub, businesses can:

    • Unlock Expert Insights: Gain exclusive access to one-on-one clinics, webinars, and Q&A sessions with industry experts.
    • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Stay up to date on the ever-evolving NCS market and emerging trends.
    • Access a Resource-Rich Hub: Access curated content, publications, templates, news, and events, all in one convenient hub.
    • No commitment: Open to any business seeking to purchase high-quality NCS credits as an additional measure alongside their decarbonization efforts.
    • No Cost: Fee waived for the first 350 companies joining the Hub.


    The HUB at a Glance





    With up-to-date resources curated by experts, this is a space for continuous learning to expand your understanding of NCS.

    A space for businesses-to-business collaboration, fostering dialogue and cooperation to accelerate climate and nature goals.

    A space where networks and groups come together to pursue joint opportunities and initiatives on specific NCS-related topics.

    A space to sign up for events, including 1-to-1 clinics, workshops, and conferences, to stay engaged and connected.


    How to Join?

    Step 1 - Submit a request to join the NCS Procurement Hub. 

    Up to 3 people per company can participate.

    Step 2 - Activate your account. You'll receive an email requesting you to complete your profile and sign-in to the Hub. 

    Step 3 - You're now a member of the NCS Procurement Hub! 

    You can explore, connect with like-minded peers, read content aligned with your interests and goals and sign up for relevant events. 


     Sign up today!

    We look forward to welcoming your business to the NCS Procurement Hub

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