A joint program between EAT and WBCSD, Food Reform for Sustainability and Health (FReSH) is designed to accelerate transformational change in global food systems, to reach healthy, enjoyable diets for all, that are produced responsibly within planetary boundaries.

To achieve this ambitious goal, FReSH has brought business and science to work together. It draws on knowledge and efforts from premier research institutions, and is working with the business community to develop successful, high-impact solutions.

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Why FReSH?

Close to 100% of the food consumed across the world is produced and supplied by the private sector. This puts large and small businesses at the heart of the potential for transformational change in food systems all over the world.

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Liaison Delegate Meeting 2018

16 - 19 April, 2018,
 Montreux, Switzerland

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Teams of Rivals: How working together is transforming global systems

5 February, 2018
, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Council Member Meeting 2018

22 - 25 October, 2018
, Singapore
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Impact on SDGs

With its comprehensive approach, FReSH tackles a multitude of SDGs


Alison Cairns

Managing Director, Food Systems Transformation / FReSH

Emeline Fellus

Project Manager, Food Systems Transformation / FReSH

Carla Hommes

Manager, Food Systems Transformation / FReSH

Cassian Behlau

Manager, Food Systems Transformation / FReSH

Karen Cooper

Manager, Food Systems Transformation / FReSH

Paloma Lopez

Manager, Food Systems Transformation / FReSH

Fruzsina Homolka

Associate, Food Systems Transformation / FReSH