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07 October, 2021




The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) issues a Hungarian version of Vision 2050: Time to Transform, developed in collaboration with the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH).

Budapest, Hungary, 7 October 2021: The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has today launched the Hungarian version of Vision 2050: Time to Transform at the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH) 2021 Business Lunch.

BCSDH, a member of WBCSD’s Global Network focused this year’s business lunch on the theme of transformation. The event featured the president of BCSDH and CEO, ALTEO Group, Attila Chikán Jr., and Julian Hill-Landolt, Director, Vision 2050 at WBCSD, who both used the opportunity to inspire the Hungarian business community make real, meaningful, positive changes, take action and work towards the creation of a world in which 9+ billion people living well, within planetary boundaries.

In a keynote speech, Julian Hill-Landolt, Director, Vision 2050, addressed Hungarian business leaders and stressed that “business leadership across the world is key to tackle the climate emergency, halt nature loss and reverse mounting inequality. With Vision 2050: Time to Transform, we now have a shared vision and bold agenda for business action and long-term value creation that can support us all in moving beyond business-as-usual and unlock the transformations necessary to accelerate the transition towards the achievement of our Vision. Future business success depends on thriving communities to trade with and a healthy planet for us all to exist on. Vision 2050 is really about what it takes to run companies well, well into the future”

Vision 2050: Time to Transform is WBCSD’s framework for business action in line with the urgency of the challenges that we face as global societies. At the heart of this framework are nine transformation pathways covering the areas of business activity that are essential to society: energy; transportation and mobility; living spaces; products and materials; financial products and services; connectivity; health and wellbeing; water and sanitation; and food. These pathways offer companies comprehensive and ambitious guidance on how they can lead the transformations needed to bring about a world in which 9+ billion people can live well, within planetary boundaries, by 2050 – in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the targets of the Paris Agreement.

Vision 2050: Time to Transform was launched earlier this year after an 18-month development effort process led by WBCSD and more than 40 of its members, supported by an active series of regional engagements with Global Network partners – including a special session hosted by BCSDH in February 2020.

In the months since its launch, WBCSD’s leadership team has been exploring the various components of Vision 2050’s framework, helping companies to understand the actions that they can and need to take, and sharing how WBCSD is using Vision 2050 to drive its work with members. We invite you to explore their insights here, as well as to follow our social media accounts. 

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The report is available in:

WBCSD will soon launch Vision 2050: Time to Transform in Finnish, Japanese, Spanish and Turkish. It is already available in Mandarin Chinese.

For more information about Vision 2050: Time to Transform, please visit our dedicated website.


BCSD Hungary is a CEO-led organization of 109 forward-thinking companies that galvanizes the business community to create a sustainable future for business, society, and the environment.

Contact points:

  • For more information on the work in BCSDH, please contact Irèn Marta, Managing Director of WBCSD’s Global Network in Hungary and visit BCSDH website.
  • For more information on Vision 2050, please contact Julian Hill-Landolt, Director, Vision 2050.