Kering launches a new regenerative fund to support leather, cotton, wool and cashmere farmers

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01 February, 2021


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Kering has unveiled a new fund to support farmers and growers transition 1 million hectares of current crop and rangelands into regenerative farming practices over the next five years – with individual grants available up to €500,000.

The luxury goods corporation, that includes the fashion houses of Gucci and Saint Laurent, set up the Regenerative Fund for Nature in partnership with Conservation International to help restore nature and mitigate climate change. The fund will focus on scaling the quantity and quality of natural, regenerative leather, cotton, wool and cashmere in 17 countries including Argentina, China, India, Italy and the US.

The raw materials of the fashion industry begin their life on a farm or rangeland. Kering recognizes that while agriculture is currently a major driver of biodiversity loss and climate change, it can become a powerful nature-based solution for nature, climate and livelihoods. The company is committed to helping farmers transition, building awareness of the need for improved farm-level practices, and ensuring the right market mechanisms are in place to scale regenerative agricultural production.

Regenerative agriculture, according to Kering, includes practices which support farmer livelihoods and animal welfare, improve soil, protect native habitat and biodiversity and eliminate unnecessary chemical input.

The first call for proposals opened this January and will run annually, inviting applicants to submit requests for funding each year between 1 January to 30 April. Farming groups, project developers, NGOs and other stakeholders who are ready to test, prove and scale agricultural practices that work in harmony with natural systems are encouraged to apply.

Grants will last between one and three years. For more information on the fund, please see here.