Heat pumps are key to helping industry turn electric

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21 September, 2022




  • New report shows how industry can decarbonize its heat consumption and make industrial heat pumps a commercially attractive proposition.
  • Industrial heat is essential to decarbonize, accounting for 29% of global energy demand and 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Commercially available heat pumps could supply 37% of industrial heat demand.
  • Report reveals key market and policy trends driving heat pump uptake, and how light industry, in particular, can turn its process heat electric in a cost-effective way. 
  • Use scenarios for future utility and carbon prices to understand the lifetime costs of all options and the policy and market risks associated with fossil fuel-based heat;
  • Seek opportunities to couple heating and cooling applications within or outside the business and leverage existing waste heat streams;
  • Pursue opportunities to make use of variable electricity tariffs and potential revenue generation opportunities by providing grid-balancing services;
  • Embrace alternative business models and financing mechanisms such as Heat as a Service;
  • Seize opportunities to minimize disruptions and capital costs by installing heat pumps during planned outages and at sites with no or limited additional grid connection costs.