EDP reinforces ambition to be 100% green by 2030 with new brand positioning

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01 June, 2021


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Changing Tomorrow Now – Changing tomorrow, today – is EDP’s new global signature, which reflects the company’s commitment to the planet’s sustainability and renewable energies. Alexandre Farto – Vhils – and other figures from the artistic and sports scene will embody this message with projects across borders.

Lisbon, 1 June: EDP has just announced a new positioning that embodies the mission of leading the energy transition. After having presented an ambitious strategic plan in February, anticipating the goal of being 100% green in two decades, the EDP group starts a new brand narrative under the signature “Changing Tomorrow Now”, Which will be used in the 21 countries in which it is present, and which intends to reinforce its commitment to the decarbonization of the planet. A goal that will be achieved through an accelerated investment in renewable energies, smart grids and sustainable solutions for customers, and continuous support to society. 

With the message “EDP is using the power of wind, sun and water to be 100% green by 2030, and to support those who are already changing tomorrow”, EDP responds to a planet that needs new energy. This positioning includes an unprecedented commitment to invest € 24 billion in the energy transition over the next four years. Changing Tomorrow Now also intends to expand EDP’s social and inclusive character, reinforcing the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) commitments defined by the company’s management.

“At EDP, we face this new decade with a sense of mission and urgency. The need to change our footprint today will be decisive to guarantee a more sustainable, inclusive and fair tomorrow. After having made an unprecedented commitment to the energy sector and deepening the connection with the communities in which we operate, it is time to reinforce this ambition and sense of duty towards society as a whole”, declares Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, executive president of EDP.

To materialize this strategy there are, for example, the company’s plans to abandon coal production until 2025 – it already did it in Portugal, with the closure of the Sines plant, at the beginning of the year – or the objective of producing electricity only from water, sun and wind by 2030. Investment in social action projects, such as access to energy for disadvantaged populations, support for education and culture, are also priorities.

Celebrities of arts and sports embody EDP’s Changing Tomorrow Now

EDP has allied itself with prominent figures, who share the ambition in the face of the decade’s challenges, to develop sporting, artistic and social inclusion projects, which reflect the strength of the wind, the sun, the water and the commitment to decarbonization and circular economy:

  • Alexandre Farto, known internationally as Vhils, is going to create an underwater exhibition based on pieces of deactivated EDP plants, which he will reuse artistically and biologically. EDP Art Reef will allow the creation of a new marine ecosystem and embodies the company’s objective of being 100% green by 2030, as well as the importance of the circular economy and the preservation of the environment. The project will be completed in 2022;
  •  Francisco Lufinha, kite surfer and world record holder, wants to continue breaking records with Portuguese DNA: at EDP Atlantic Mission, he will try to be the fastest to cross the Atlantic alone in a sustainable kiteboat, powered only by renewable energies – the force of the wind and the power of the sun. Like EDP, which more than a decade ago was a pioneer in the development of wind power in several continents, the athlete will also leave Portugal, at the end of the year, bound for the American continent, trying to travel more than six thousand kilometers (more three thousand nautical miles);
  • To support today those who are going to change tomorrow on the water (Changing Tomorrow Now), EDP is developing a global and intensive mentoring program for five young Iberian surfers. With EDP Surf for Tomorrow, the ambition is to provide intensive training in various surfing geographies, to place more national and Spanish athletes in the world’s surfing elite. In this way, the company invests in current generations to achieve a more promising future. 
  • To ensure an inclusive energy transition, EDP wants the energy from the sun to be shared by all, and used by the most vulnerable as well. Thus, it created EDP Inclusive Solar Communities, or Bairros Solares Solidários, installing solar panels in several Private Institutions of Social Solidarity in Portugal and Spain, so that they can produce solar energy and share it with families in need, significantly reducing their power bills.
  • Over the next year, Carolina Piteira will be the narrator of this story. The young Portuguese artist, who will be the storyteller of the advertising spot, will create an exhibition that reflects EDP’s ambition to use the force of wind, sun and water to accelerate the energy transition, exhibiting for the first time at Central Tejo, in Lisbon.

A story told, for the first time, in all countries

This positioning is now beginning to be revealed with the presence of these figures in a multi-media campaign, narrated on television by Carolina Piteira. For the first time, the launch of a new brand narrative was done simultaneously in all countries where EDP operates, reinforcing the group’s global positioning.

The strategy will be amplified in the coming months, with the monitoring of these missions and projects on the website (www.edp.com) and on the company’s social networks. New projects that the group will start will also be part of this positioning, since in the coming years, another 20GW in renewable energies will be developed, as well as the deepening of smart grids businesses and solutions for customers.

To develop this across borders project, EDP had the support of White and Solid Dogma. The campaign was produced by More Maria, directed by Frederico Miranda and photography directed by Jackson Hunt.

More information available here.

Photo credit: EDP