City officials in Brazil commit 100 million to a new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

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18 March, 2019




The city of Feira de Santana in the region of Bahia, Brazil, adopts ambitious sustainable urban mobility plan following engagement with WBCSD’s SiMPlify sustainable urban mobility project.

On 13 March 2019, WBCSD joined member company Pirelli and authorities of the city of Feira de Santana, Brazil, as they launched their new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.

Feira de Santana is a fast-growing city of 600 000 people. It’s a crucial transport node for goods in and out of north Brazil.

The new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan uses WBCSD’s SiMPlify methodology. It includes a data-based analysis of key indicators such as air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, access to public transport, active mobility, congestion and wide consultation with citizens on issues such as economic opportunity, quality of public areas and travel times.

Following the analysis and community consultation, a sustainable urban mobility plan was drafted to address major issues, based on existing plans and suggestions from WBCSD’s mobility solutions toolbox.

As a result of this process, the Feira government has now committed 100 million reals (USD 26 m) to reclaiming public spaces for cycling infrastructure and walking areas; designing features to improve security in public places, including public transport; and actions to improve traffic safety.

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