Vietnam BCSD (VBCSD)

Vietnam BCSD (VBCSD) is a business-led organization with a mandate to promote the active role of the business community and to be a strong advocate for the implementation of the Strategic Directions for Sustainable Development in Vietnam, to facilitate the sharing of experiences and good practices, and to strengthen coordination and dialogue between the business community, government and civil organizations for sustainable development.


Mr Nguyen Quang Vinh, VCCI Vice Executive Chair, VBCSD Chairperson & Mr Binu Jacob, Managing Director of Nestlé Vietnam, VBCSD Co-Chairperson

Managing Director

Mr Nguyen Tien Huy

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The VBCSD is a member of the WBCSD Global Partners Network. We are also partners with the World Economic Forum, UN agencies, the World Bank and other bilateral organizations.


The VBCSD’s five main activities are communication and awareness raising, training, research, international cooperation and partnership.

Our current focus areas range from corporate governance to promoting the circular economy, energy and climate change, and diversity and inclusion.