Founded in 2002, KBCSD is a CEO-led organization of forward-thinking companies who strive to put Korean industry on track for economic development in harmony with the environment and social development.


Mr Kyong-Ho Lee

Secretary General

Mr Hyun-Jong Hong


The KBCSD’s membership includes 70 Korean and global enterprises representing 17 industrial sectors including oil refinery, steel, petrochemicals, construction, electricity and electronics, power utility, banking, etc.

The KBCSD is a WBCSD Global Network partner and serves as the business focal point for the “K-SDGs” and “Biz N Biodiversity Platform” respectively.


Climate Action:

  • Establish accounting and reporting guidelines for avoided greenhouse gas emissions along the product and service value chain by sector.
  • Establish avoided emissions guidelines for the steel and chemical sector in 2021.
  • Develop renewable energy infrastructure to meet RE100 targets and participate in CF100 standardization discussions.

ESG values in the supply chain:

  • Strengthen the public-private partnership on ESG and supply chain issues to spearhead ESG standard setting in an increasingly environmentally conscious global trade sector.
  • Engage in a joint response to ESG due diligence and carbon tax at the border.

KBCSD Leadership Forum (Sustainable Business Innovation Forum)

  • The largest CEO-led high-level platform for business leaders, government agency officials and international organizations from Korea and other parts of the world to find public-private solutions to catalyze a paradigm shift towards a decarbonized society and ESG-driven capitalism.
  • An annual meeting to explore transformative policy measures and business solutions that place advanced technologies and innovative business models at the heart of sustainable economic growth.