The China Business Council for Sustainable Development (CBCSD) was founded in October 2003. It is a coalition of leading Chinese and foreign enterprises registered and operating in China, and was established as a national organization by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs.


Wang Jiming

Managing Director

Zhai Qi


CBCSD is China’s first CEO- and member-led social organization in the field of sustainable development, initiated by the business community. CBCSD provides the government and stakeholders with a platform on sustainable development by connecting companies from different sectors in China and abroad.

CBCSD objectives:

  • Business leadership – to be the leading advocate for business on issues related to sustainable development;
  • Policy development – providing input to government and assisting in policy development to create a framework for business to contribute effectively to sustainable development;
  • Promotion of exchange and cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies – showcasing and demonstrating the business community’s latest progress in environmental and resource management; sharing advanced management concepts and business practices to promote common development, improve corporate social responsibility and enhance the global competitiveness of member companies.


Key projects of the Council focus on Energy and Climate Change include:

  • Energy conservation and greenhouse gas management in business
  • Energy conservation and emissions reduction services and business solutions
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Sustainability and water conservation
  • Energy and environmental issues in the urbanization process
  • Urban infrastructure and ecological civilization
  • Sustainable mobility and environmental protection in the urban catering sector
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Corporate social responsibility and CSR “1+3
  • Sustainability reports
  • China Corporate Sustainability Index
  • Top 10 New Trends in Corporate Sustainability in China

In addition, as a partner in the WBCSD’s Global Network, CBCSD assists WBCSD in implementing relevant projects in China, facilitating cross-border cooperation, and promoting the communication of the Chinese business perspective on sustainability issues. CBCSD facilitates interactions between Chinese companies and major global corporations, thereby enhancing the involvement of Chinese companies in global communications.