Grabbing the sustainability bull by the horns in Amsterdam

This week sees the second gathering of the Future Leaders Team (FLT)  - a group of business professionals from WBCSD member companies. 

Published: 24 May 2013
Type: News

Amsterdam, 22 May 2013 - The program aims to give business professionals who are not specialists in sustainability training and experience in sustainable development. The program is based on action learning through workshop participation, involvement in the WBCSD and the management of individual and group projects.  Participants are invited to contribute on a part time basis, 25 days spread over 9 months, clustered around three face-to-face meetings.

The second gathering of the FLT 2013 team takes place in Amsterdam and has been timed to coincide with the Global Reporting Initiative ( GRI )Conference, which FLT members will attend. Additionally, the team will meet with sustainability and industry experts from Finance, business, standard setters and rating agencies as well as undertake leadership and team development modules and begin their group projects which will be delivered and presented at the council meeting in Istanbul

In case it seems like all work and no play - also on the agenda is a team-building activity with an "Assurance Challenge" on a bike!

Read more about the WBCSD's Future Leaders Team 

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