Principles for a Strong Response to COVID-19: Food Systems Security

Published: 19 Jun 2020
Type: Publication
  • WBCSD has developed seven “Principles for a Strong Response” to COVID-19.
  • Many WBCSD members and partners are demonstrating these principles in action.

The COVID-19 pandemic is prompting dramatic change across all industries. Companies are compelled to respond quickly, often with insufficient information, navigating complex, evolving landscapes and an uncertain future. Amid this ambiguity businesses must show strong leadership, prioritizing responsible near and long-term actions with decisions based in ethical, sustainable and resilient strategies.

As part of WBCSD's COVID-19 Response project on Vital Supply Chains, the Rapid Response Platform aims to prioritize specific areas where we need collective action to protect the food supply chain and enable a resilient food system recovery. 

Working with members and partners, WBCSD has identified seven Principles of a Strong Response to guide effective, responsible and sustainable business action in the context of COVID-19:

  • Protect employees
  • Build collective leadership and partnerships
  • Enhance adaptability and flexibility
  • Accelerate producer-focused
  • Ensure continuous cash flow
  • Support relief efforts responsibly
  • Build back better

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