BCSD Portugal and Porto Business School team up on executive education program

Published: 23 May 2019
Type: News

Porto, 23 May 2019: BCSD Portugal, part of WBCSD’s Global Network of partner organizations, has teamed up for the second year with Porto Business School to design an executive education program focused on “Sustainable Management: A Leadership Expedition to the Future”. The course is spread across 70 hours of classroom work over 8 days.

The program aims to prepare company representatives for three key business drivers of the 21st century: sustainability, innovation and purpose. Business professionals are introduced to sustainability megatrends and insights, alongside the implications to business models, decision-making, and overall competitiveness in a world increasingly shaped by those drivers.

WBCSD supported a number of the program’s sessions: firstly, Matthew Watkins, Manager, Redefining Value chaired a session focused on business decision-making processes, hosted at Fujitsu’s Lisbon office. The goal was to help companies consider information on natural, social and human capital as well as new and emerging ESG-related risks and opportunities. Participants most notably played the “Resilience – The Corporate Survival Game,” where they were able to put themselves in the shoes of a company’s senior management team to test their strategies for safeguarding against emerging ESG risks.

Secondly, Filippo Veglio, Managing Director, People Program shared insights in Porto into the area of sustainable lifestyles, with a focus on innovations around the world that we need to create – technically, practically and emotionally – to enable and inspire more sustainable lifestyles around our homes and the food we consume.

WBCSD and BCSD Portugal will continue to strengthen their relationship by exploring future trainings related to the “We Value Nature” project in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

More information:

Mafalda Evangelista
Head of Sustainability Knowledge, BCSD Portugal

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