Scaling for impact: Connecting businesses and policymakers for low-carbon solutions
Start date: 18 Jun 2017
End date: 19 Jun 2017
Location: Brussels, Belgium

The 7th global meeting of Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative (LCTPi) working groups will take place during Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels in cooperation with the European Economic and Social Committee - don’t miss this opportunity to connect with key business leaders and policymakers in the climate action arena. 

LCTPi represents over 160 companies and 70 partners working to accelerate the transition to a low carbon world.

Taken together, LCTPi working groups could deliver 65% of the emissions reductions necessary for remaining under the 2°C limit while channeling $5-10 trillion of investment toward low carbon sectors of the economy and supporting 20-45 million person-years of employment.

During this meeting, LCTPi companies and partners from across the world will gather to collaborate across the LCTPi work streams and scale up their impact. The dialogues with policymakers aim to support ambitious climate action and commitments by governments.

With shared ambition, businesses and policymakers can unlock the potential for innovative solutions together.
Throughout the meeting, participants will:

  • Demonstrate progress across LCTPi since COP21
  • Discuss effective climate policy options for each sector (energy, transport, agriculture, cities and buildings, etc.) and for COP23
  • Facilitate dialogue between business and policymakers on key developments influencing our ability to implement the Paris Agreement
  • Explore challenges and opportunities for the low carbon economy in the European context

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