Macrotrends & Disruptions shaping 2020-2030 (Vision 2050 issue brief)

Published: 7 May 2020
Type: Publication

Vision 2050 issue brief

WBCSD’s Vision 2050 Refresh project has developed research into the operating environment that business will find itself in over the next 10 years. This research, performed in partnership with Volans and with the support of members of the Vision 2050 Refresh project, goes beyond sustainability challenges, exploring more generally the themes and potential shocks that will shape the decade to come.

Using this research as a foundation, we have developed a set of macrotrends and disruptions that business needs to work within, take account of a plan for in order to operate successfully (and therefore sustainably). We have selected 12 macrotrends, across demographics, the environment, economics, technology, politics and culture. In addition, we have proposed 10 “wildcard” disruptions that could plausibly materialize during the 2020s, resulting in significant impacts. Indeed, some of them already have, and already significant impacts are still snowballing (see the Vision 2050 issue brief on the consequences of COVID-19 for the decade ahead).

Download: Report

Download: Report (JPN)

Download: Supporting slides

Watch: Virtual event series discussing the Macrotrends

Watch: Virtual event series discussing the Disruptions

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