Naama Avni-Kadosh

Director, Product and Operations (PACT) & Member of the Extended Leadership Group

Naama is driven by a deep desire to enable actionable practices in corporates that maximize positive change towards more sustainable practices. As Director, Product and Operations at WBCSD, her customer-centric, strategic and entrepreneurial mindset is put to work. She is leveraging her significant experience in this space to enhance the productization and global influence of the Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT).  PACT serves as the internationally recognized standard for calculating and exchanging Scope 3 data, laying the essential groundwork for achieving substantial decarbonization across value chains.

Naama’s particular focus lies on facilitating the practical implementation of the PACT standard at scale, empowering diverse real-economy stakeholders to take carbon-informed decisions and to collaborate across their value chains. In this context, she is shaping both the strategic and operational direction of PACT.

Prior to her current role, Naama gained extensive expertise in conceiving and launching new products, successfully attaining product-market fit, and scaling into international markets. Her most recent position at saw her lead product marketing within the Payments department, reaching more than 100% growth in coverage, adoption and utilization. Additionally, she spent several years driving product and growth strategies within technology startups, particularly in digital health and education.

During her free time, Naama enjoys the serene countryside of the Netherlands with her family. She finds joy in playing music and savoring delicious Israeli cuisine. To balance her pursuits, she has also taken up tennis as a new hobby.

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