Ingka Group: 100% EV Shanghai

Published: 6 Aug 2020
Type: Case study

Ingka Group has taken a strong stance on sustainable mobility to transform to a low carbon company and become climate positive by 2030.

To accelerate this transition, Ingka Group committed to an implementation of 100% electric or zero-emission home deliveries in five major cities by 2020:  Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York City, Paris and Shanghai. In December 2019, more than a year ahead of time, Ingka Group delivered their promise in Shanghai.

“A transition of this magnitude shows that the transformation to responsible transportation is happening now. Not in the future, not soon, but now. Our team in Shanghai has shown the way and proven that responsible transportation is possible. Actions speak louder than words, and I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved in Shanghai” said Angela Hultberg - Head of Sustainable Mobility, Ingka group.

The Shanghai market, with three IKEA stores and one distribution center, handles more than 20, 000 home deliveries every month.

The goal of going 100% electric or zero-emission for home deliveries was embedded in Ingka Group’s strategies for Sustainability and Customer fulfillment and Shanghai was chosen as a pilot city for delivering this target.

The pilot project included:

  • 43 EVs
  • 11 dedicated chargers + 300 public chargers
  • Duration of battery (100kw) in full loaded: 150km/single trip.
  • On average each EV made 1.5 trips per day with a 1h charging replenishment

During the implementation process, Ingka Group faced challenges related to unstable battery range at temperatures below zero degrees or over 35 degrees and inconsistent road access policies for EV operators in urban areas.

One of the key factors behind Ingka Group’s success in Shanghai was strategic collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. The company teamed up with an EV sharing platform which was a completely new kind of partnership for the Ingka business.

Following the success of the pilot project, cities across Ingka’s 30 markets are now gearing up to reach the company’s ambitious emission reduction targets. The Shanghai case will be used as a guiding light to scale up across China.

View the case-study and access the key learnings from Ingka Group’s EV fleet adoption journey. You can also explore other case studies through the Corporate EV Adoption Guide.

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