ENGIE Cofely: Zero emission shared company cars

Published: 9 Jul 2020
Type: Case study

As one of the leaders in the energy transition in France, ENGIE Cofely initiated a new EV fleet adoption project with the ambition of offering a zero-emission solution to 50 technicians in their company.

The company needed to find an approach that would ensure reliability and efficient refueling for the technicians. These drivers require a high-mileage vehicle range as they carry out multi-technical operations and maintenance work for commercial buildings in the Ile-de-France region.

These challenges were tackled by choosing a high-range vehicle and by making regular fueling at depot available (2-3 times a week) as well as local fueling options. ENGIE also developed a green hydrogen refueling solution with a station capacity that started at 20 kg/day and expanded to 80 kg/day within one year.

As a result, the response time for technical problems was reduced and drivers became ambassadors of net-zero mobility to customers. ENGIE managed to successfully decrease CO2 emissions and to have a positive impact on the carbon footprint of the company.

View the case-study and access the key learnings from ENGIE’s EV fleet adoption journey. You can also explore other case studies through the Corporate EV Adoption Guide.

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