The US BCSD was founded in 1992 to give leading US businesses a platform to work together to design, implement and scale sustainability solutions. Today, the US BCSD’s cross-sector platforms, projects, and partnerships bring leading companies together to solve circular economy, carbon, energy, water, and equity challenges across North America. The US BCSD is a Global Network partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

We’re matchmakers and connection creators - and we can help leverage OUR NETWORK to bring great sustainability ideas to scale!

Programs at a glance:

  • The Carbon Collaborative is a regional decarbonization platform designed to mobilize the collective energy & motivation of businesses focusing on producing measurable, long-term carbon emission reductions while enhancing economic vitality. 
  • Louisiana Water Synergy Project: From 2011 to 2017, the US BCSD worked with 20-30 diverse companies in the lower Mississippi River Basin to address a range of water supply, water quality, stormwater and coastal resiliency risks. A key outcome was the establishment of a water quality trading system in Louisiana. 
  • The Energy Efficiency in Buildings Laboratory (EEB Lab) addressed the challenge that globally, buildings are responsible for nearly one-third of final energy consumption (and over 40% of primary energy consumption) with a similar proportion of associated CO2 emissions.
  • The US BCSD’s Materials Marketplace connects businesses to develop and scale new reuse and recycling market opportunities. Over 2,200 businesses and organizations are using the Materials Marketplace across North America and have diverted 5,300 tons of material to higher and better use.

Executive Director
Claude Griffin

Andy Mangan, Founder


Social media: Twitter (@USBCSD)

Contact: Claude Griffin, Executive Director 

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