Brazil: CEBDS zooms in on business solutions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

Published: 23 May 2019
Type: News

São Paulo, Brazil, 23 May 2019: BCSD Brazil (CEBDS), WBCSD’s Global Network partner in the country, gathered companies across numerous sectors for a seminar focused on integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a means to promote innovation, environmental preservation and social transformation.

Business resilience was one of the most debated issues. CEBDS advocates that socially and environmentally sustainable business conduct is a security and competitiveness factor for Brazilian businesses linked to the international market.

Marina Grossi, President of CEBDS, underscored the importance of each societal actor understanding and playing its part in contributing to the SDGs.

For his part, Luiz Carlos Xavier, Sustainable Development Coordinator at Braskem, emphasized the fact that the SDGs prompt businesses to focus on reducing negative impacts and stimulating more positive business performance.

"The next ten years will be decisive for business continuity. A company that does not care about its social and environmental impact will not be viable in the next decade”, said Denise Hills, Director of Sustainability and Inclusive Business at Itaú. 

"We already have established partnerships - commercial, technical and service - why not use these partnerships to expand the range?", suggested Cristiano Resende de Oliveira, Sustainability Advisor at Suzano.

"Science and technology are essential if we are to find solutions to the challenges of how we can effectively contribute to SDGs," said Zenaide Guerra, Director of Communication and Government Relations at DSM Latin America.

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