BCSD Hungary’s recognizes sustainability leaders

Published: 12 Oct 2017
Type: News

Budapest, October 12, 2017: As part of BCSD Hungary’s 10th anniversary commemoration lunch, the Council organized an award ceremony around For a Sustainable Future Prize.

Irén Márta, BCSDH Managing Director, explained: “We have established this complex Awards with the purpose of recognizing and disseminating to a wide audience the activities of leaders and companies in the field of sustainability. The goal of the prize is to promote and increase the contribution of business to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Peter Bakker, the President & CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, said in his video message: “The leading role of women is crucial to the success and sustainability of business. It is an honor to recognize the contribution the four Leading Women are bringing to the sustainable development agenda in Hungary.”

The jury (made up of Gábor Dr. Bartus the Secretary of the National Council for Sustainable Development, Szilvia Krizsó journalist, István Salgó former CEO of ING, honorary president of BCSDH and Irén Márta, Managing Director BCSDH) selected the laureates from 26 applicants.

The winners of the Change Leader Awards were: László Károlyi (Legrand) and Károly Kovács (BDL). Winners of the Leading Woman Prize were: Kamilla Csomai (MAVIR), Andrea Istenesné Solti (Shell), Márta Pálfalvi (Heineken), and Mónika Vörös (Unilever).

The best Business Solution prize was awarded to TESCO Globál Áruházak Zrt. for its “Not a single bite of food can be wasted” program that is designed to reduce the amount of food waste.

The winners of the For a Sustainable Future - Leading Women Awards:

Kamilla Csomai is the CEO of MAVIR. As a charismatic, consistent and empathic leader, Kamilla has played an active role in integrating energy from renewable sources into electricity systems while ensuring her staff’s commitment to creating an organization ready for transformation and renewal and adapting to the challenges of sustainable development. She has thereby contributed personally to the accomplishment of Sustainable Development Goals. 

Andrea Istenesné Solti is an HR Manager for Downstream Central Eastern Europe, Member of the Board, Shell Hungary. As an energetic, value-driven and committed leader, Andrea is doing a lot to incorporate diversity into the corporate environment. As a result of her active professional and public efforts, an increasing number of companies are committed to promoting the values of diversity, contributing to the establishment of equal opportunities, and meeting Sustainable Development Goals.

Márta Pálfalvi is an HR and Corporate Affairs Director for Heineken Hungary. As a conscious, goal-oriented manager who strives for maximum performance, Márta has inspired not only her colleagues but also business leaders. She has also contributed to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals by setting an example through her commitment to sustainability and equal treatment for men and women. 

Mónika Vörös is an HR leader Hungary-Adria and Food Solutions South-Eastern Europe, Unilever Hungary. As a diverse, cooperative and inspirational leader with outstanding professional skills and role model qualities, Mónika has made great strides in fostering women’s career paths by encouraging flexible working hours and telework, thus contributing to meeting Sustainable Development Goals.

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