2022 WBCSD Global Events

An opportunity to accelerate the transformations needed

As environmental pressures and social tensions heighten across the world, expectations from capital markets and society on business accountability for delivering solutions for a net-zero, nature-positive, and equitable world continue to accelerate.

WBCSD’s key engagement opportunities will facilitate the co-creation of solutions to address these imperatives and drive equitable value distribution across value chains. It is time to transform

Why attend our events?

For business, this is a pivotal moment to deploy all its critical know-how, network and resources to adapt to an ever-evolving context while planning for the next wave of disruption and advancing sustainability in this new reality. Our virtual event series will allow you to:

  • access the latest insights into the trends and developments that will shape the current decade,
  • engage across a wide spectrum of relevant and strategic topics,
  • participate in collaborative projects and solutions to face current and future challenges,
  • connect and network with your peers

We look forward to welcoming you. To consult recordings and materials from previous meetings, please refer to our library of past events. For inquiries, please contact events@wbcsd.org.

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