Vision 2050: Time to Transform now available in Italian

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has today released the Italian version of “Vision 2050: Time to Transform”, in collaboration with Sustainability Makers - the professional network.

Published: 2 Feb 2022
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Milan, Italy, 2 February 2022: The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has today launched the Italian version of “Vision 2050: Time to Transform” during an online event organized by Sustainability Makers, the Italian partner of WBCSD’s Global Network since 2016.

The event featured Peter Bakker, President and CEO of WBCSD, Marisa Parmigiani, President of Sustainability Makers, and representatives of three leading Italian companies, Michele Crisostomo, President of Enel SpA, Luigi Lazzareschi, CEO of Sofidel Group and Pierluigi Stefanini, President of Unipol Group. Together, they inspired the Italian business community to drive real and meaningful changes, take action and work towards the creation of a world in which 9+ billion people living well, within planetary boundaries, by mid-century.

Vision 2050: Time to Transform is WBCSD’s framework for business action in line with the urgency of the challenges that we face as global societies. At the heart of Vision 2050 are nine transformation pathways covering the areas of business activity that are essential to society: energy; transportation and mobility; living spaces; products and materials; financial products and services; connectivity; health and wellbeing; water and sanitation; and food. These pathways provide companies comprehensive and ambitious guidance on how they can lead the transformations needed to make meaningful progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the targets of the Paris Agreement, and WBCSD’s vision.

Peter Bakker emphasized that "Business leadership across the world is key to tackling the climate emergency, halting nature loss and reversing mounting inequality. With Vision 2050, we now have a shared vision and bold agenda for business action and long-term value creation that can support us all in moving beyond business-as-usual and accelerate the system transformations needed for a net-zero, nature-positive and more equitable future. Ultimately, this is about protecting future prosperity: all business success depends on thriving communities and a healthy planet for us all to exist on. Vision 2050: Time to Transform is really about what it takes to run companies well, well into the future.”

The discussions highlighted that the systems transformation that Vision 2050 calls for will only happen if everyone becomes a changemaker. WBCSD, its members and partners, hope that this translation will encourage dialogue among a wide range of stakeholders, be incorporated into decision-making, and serve as a driver of opportunity and action in Italy.

“Today, more and more companies are taking on the responsibility of working concretely to change their business model through strategies that integrate sustainability. However, in light of the evolution of the economic, social and environmental situation, it is time to accelerate on this path: we need to adopt a disruptive approach that can deeply innovate the way of doing business, each company for its own sector." - says Marisa Parmigiani, President of Sustainability Makers - "In Italy, among our associates, we have representatives of leading companies who are already leading the shift towards the right trajectory. Vision 2050 is an inspiring and valuable guide that challenges us to transform and move beyond business as usual and engage our member professionals and their companies as disruptive game changers.”

Vision 2050: Time to Transform was launched in 2021 after an 20-month development effort process led by WBCSD and 40 of its members, supported by an active series of regional engagements with Global Network partners. Alongside the launch of Vision 2050, WBCSD released a new set of membership criteria, raising the bar of business commitment to sustainability, as well as defined its 2022-27 strategy around Vision 2050’s framework for action. Together, these reinforce WBCSD’s ability to work with its members and Global Network partners to drive urgent transformation all around the world.

Download Vision 2050: Time to Transform

You can access the Italian translation of Vision 2050: Time to Transform here, and the executive summary here. More information on Vision 2050 is available from the WBCSD website. The report is also available in English, Chinese, Hungarian, Japanese and Turkish. WBCSD will also soon launch Vision 2050: Time to Transform in Finnish. For more information about Vision 2050: Time to Transform, please visit

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For more information on Vision 2050, please contact Julian Hill-Landolt, Director, Member Support & Business Intelligence, WBCSD. 

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