Global Water Tool

The Global Water Tool is a tool developed jointly by WBCSD members and partners bringing global data on key water-related indicators, allowing companies to understand their risks and plan water management strategies. The tool was the first publicly available resource to be developed for identifying corporate water risks and opportunities, and since its launch in 2007 has supported several corporates to prioritize their water management actions across their global operations.

As more advanced GIS-based tools become available, WBCSD announces the decommissioning of the Global Water Tool. As of 1 June 2019, the tool has been removed from this website and no further support will be provided for its application.

We are pleased to continue supporting the India Water Tool and would like to direct WBCSD member companies to apply two globally recognized tools for informing water stewardship approaches: WWF Water Risk Filter and WRI Aqueduct.

We would like to thank all those partners, companies and individuals who contributed to and supported the development of GWT over the years.

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