Kicking off the 2018 WBCSD Leadership Program

Published: 15 Mar 2018
Type: News

New York, March 2018: Last week, the 2018 WBCSD Leadership Program kicked off with 46 high potential leaders from member companies signaling the largest-ever cohort in the program’s history.  Over the course of the week, program participants engaged in meaningful and relevant discussions focused on “Communicating Sustainable Development and Reporting to Stakeholders.”

The Leadership Program is designed to help leaders navigate complex sustainability topics that will determine the future and success of the organization (and the individual). Participants from all ages, backgrounds and sectors come together through the program to learn from key academics, business leaders and sustainable development experts.

WBCSD hosted the first days at Yale University where participants gained input from world-renowned academics such as Brad Gentry, David Bach, Zoe Chance, Paul Lussier et Todd Cort. Participants also engaged with business leaders and sustainability experts in New York City.

“It’s clear that the next several months are going to be fast-paced, informative and unforgettable. Each of the participants look forward to learning more,” said Andy Beanland, Program Participant and Manager of Redefining Value at WBCSD.

In addition, Rony Shalit, KPMG Israel, Head of Sustainability Services said, “Just finished the first week of the WBCSD Leadership Program at Yale University.  An amazing program, bringing together business leaders from all around the world to learn, discuss and exchange ideas about how to bring sustainability development transformation back to their organizations.  From engaging stakeholders to enhancing reporting, building up leadership to strategic marketing and visiting Bloomberg & IFF offices, we had a busy week with top of the line speakers and an incredible academic staff.”

Over the next 10 months, participants will learn how to navigate the topics and concepts of sustainable development. At the end, they’ll come away with an in-depth understanding of the sustainability challenges and opportunities relevant for business. These skills are increasingly vital within today’s business context.

Leaders need to be able to re-evaluate their business models, product offerings and the external operating environment to develop appropriate strategies for their companies and to communicate those internally and externally.

The WBCSD Leadership Program helps leaders develop skills through periods of intense on-location training, experiential learning combined with individual & group project work. Alumni join a global network of dynamic business leaders who are ambassadors for sustainable development both within their companies and outside in broader society.

Interested in the Leadership Program? Look for candidates for the next program! For more info please contact Suzanne -

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