Founded in 1998, Maala is a non-profit corporate membership organization serving as a hub for ESG in Israel. Maala is considered as the Israeli standards-setting organization, annually publishing the Maala ESG Indices on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). Maala convenes, trains and hosts dozens of gatherings and meetups with the ESG community in Israel. We welcome you to visit the Maala VOD channel featuring 150+ videos with the leading stories on ESG in Israel.


  • ESG Index: Maala facilitates the establishment of a voluntary ESG reporting platform in Israel. Over 160 companies (large and small) participate each year. Publicly listed companies that participate are also included in the TA Maala ESG Index on the TASE.
  • Inclusive Growth: Maala has published a book with Professor David Grayson entitled "Leaving No One Behind: Israeli Business and Inclusive Growth"
  • Maala VOD: Digital content (video and podcast) with the leaders of responsible and sustainable businesses in Israel and around the world. The channel serves as a platform for mutual learning and highlights the best of the leaders in these fields.

Managing Director
Momo Mahadav

Tamar Yassur


Social media: Twitter (@ESGIsrael), LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube

Contact: Elisha Silberklang, Head of Maala VOD, Digital Media & Global Communications

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