Kazakhstan BCSD


The Kazakhstan Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD Kazakhstan) was established on 4 April 2003. BCSD Kazakhstan is a coalition of 20 industrial enterprises, covering mining, oil, energy and other industries, as well as consulting companies, united by a common commitment to sustainable development. 


In 2021 we set our priorities for 2022 and beyond in line with the WBCSD Vision 2050 - Time to Transform. 

Our focus for 2022 and beyond is to help companies drive transformative change in their strategies, business operations and impact on society under the overarching themes of Natural Capital and Sustainable Markets.  

We will focus on 4 action areas: 

  • ESG 
  • Climate Сhange 
  • The Value of Water 
  • Food Security   

Our strengthened interaction with the WBCSD ensures that our actions are linked to credible goals to accelerate and amplify systemic change for sustainable development. 

Among our main events, the Natural Capital and Sustainable Markets Initiative, at its second edition in 2022, brings together recognized business experts, state, civil society and industry representatives for effective solutions for corporate governance and the preservation of ecosystems in Kazakhstan.      

Managing Director
Galina Artyukhina

Gulsara Yedilbayeva

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