Leadership program

Our Leadership Program is designed to help leaders navigate complex, interdisciplinary topics that will determine the future of the individual and their organization.

The highly interactive program uses a mixture of education styles, ranging from traditional classroom-based work to action and experiential learning through workshop participation, involvement with our members, and management of individual and group projects. To enrich the educational content, participants are given access to academics and business leaders, sustainable development experts and key stakeholders.

WBCSD Leadership Program 2017

The focus for 2017 is on “Integrating strategic sustainability into business decision-making”. We will promote a better understanding of the importance of social and natural capital in addition to financial capital, including opportunities and risks. We will explore how materiality and the valuation of externalities enable companies to focus their transparency efforts and leverage the value of sustainability reporting. In addition, participants will gain better understanding of their own leadership preferences in order to help them become sustainability leaders.

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Council Member Meeting 2017

16 - 20 October, 2017,
 Mexico City, Mexico

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World Circular Economy Forum 2017

5 - 7 June, 2017
, Helsinki, Finland


19 - 20 June, 2017
, Brussels, Belgium
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Rodney Irwin

Managing Director, Redefining Value & Education

Suzanne Feinmann

Manager, Education