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A sustainable world will need turbo-charged innovation, in products, processes, systems, business models and, of course, mindsets. At WBCSD, we explore the whole spectrum of solutions: at the product and company level, within and across sectors, and including the full value chain from suppliers to customers. 

Our members work across a spectrum from advocacy to action, learning from each other how to implement sustainability at scale. With our members, the we address global issues and their implications for business, allowing companies to turn these challenges into competitive advantage providing a catalyst for change.

Federico Merlo

Managing Director, Member Relations


Business is an innovation engine, developing breakthrough technologies and new business models, and fostering the effective deployment and diffusion of existing solutions. Companies have trusted the WBCSD for over 20 years. Encompassing a broad range of industries, the WBCSD is perfectly positioned to tackle some the world’s toughest challenges and to seek integrated, systemic solutions to complex sustainability issues.

Daria Robinson

Director, Strategic Partnerships


WBCSD is a unique platform for business to work together in a pre-competitive space to find actionable solutions addressing the Sustainable Development Goals. These ambitious solutions help our Members individually and collectively achieve real transformation in society and in their companies.

None of this would be possible though without the valuable insight, endorsement and contribution of non-business actors from civil society, academia, governments, or philanthropy. Our partnerships with these key stakeholders are important to the success of WBCSD, our Members and sustainability as a whole.

Irge Olga Aujouannet

Director, Events

Global Policy Affairs

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) works with a wide range of stakeholders; from international organizations and governments to think-tanks and NGOs, in order to fully leverage the combined sustainability efforts of the public and private sectors.

Such alignment allows the WBCSD members to be true catalysts for change, leveraging the global platforms necessary to support and mobilize an ambitious agenda for private sector action in such areas as climate change and energy, ecosystems, water and food security to name a few.


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