Toward a Just Transition in Agriculture: Preliminary Insights

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07 September, 2023


WBCSD insights



Agriculture & Food Pathway, PwC, Council for Inclusive Capitalism

All actors in the global agricultural system – including governments, policymakers, companies, investors, and farmers – need to find new ways to decarbonize, protect nature, and tackle inequalities within the sector. To promote a shared understanding of what Just Transition action looks like in practice, and to support public and private collaboration, WBCSD, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, and PwC have developed these insights and case studies in consultation with WBCSD member companies and partners operating in the agriculture sector.

A successful transition to net-zero must work for people. It must provide benefits for everyone and deliver thriving and resilient livelihoods. Sharing the costs and benefits of the transition equitably is key to making the transition a success.

  1. Support farmers and farmer-led climate initiatives.
  2. Invest in digital agriculture solutions.
  3. Put farmer livelihoods at the center of scope 3 emission reductions.
  • Incentivizing and rewarding regenerative agriculture practices such as crop rotation.
  • Strengthening access to financial, technical and educational resources.
  • Enabling economic opportunities that allow diversification of farmers’ livelihoods.