BCSD Uruguay (DERES)

DERES is the Uruguayan largest network of companies for sustainable development.


Oscar Sagasti

Managing Director

Carolina Devoto

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We deploy our action through the following pillars of initiatives and activities: 

  • Articulation and generation of dialogues between the public and private sectors 
  • Accompanying companies and facilitating collaboration between them 
  • Exchange of business experiences, 
  • Working groups,  
  • Generation and articulation of projects,  
  • DERES Campus: dissemination and generation of knowledge 
  • Sustainable Development Observatory/Monitor  
  • Recognition of organizational practices in sustainable development 
  • DERES Annual Conference 

Our main activities and initiatives are linked to the following thematic areas: 


  • Environmental and Waste Management: National Waste Management Plan 
  • Circularity 
  • Energy: sustainable alternatives for energy generation, with a special focus on renewable energies 
  • Climate change 
  • Management of natural resources, e.g. water

SOCIAL: inclusion and diversity as key drivers  

  • Digital transformation, technology and innovation for gender equality 
  • Disability and labour inclusion 
  • Migration and work 
  • Generations: work and education 
  • Social innovation: entrepreneurship 


  • Anti-bribery and ethics 
  • Sustainability reporting 
  • Sustainable finance and “green bond” (link to environmental pillar) 
  • Related international standards 
  • Transparency and accountability 
  • Organizational purpose