What we do

By 2025, WBCSD’s success will be defined by the commitment of 250 diverse and influential companies taking actions that enable 9+ billion people to live well within the boundaries of the planet.

WBCSD builds impactful coalitions and networks that:

  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge
  • Enable and accelerate the adoption of standards and tools
  • Create advocacy inputs for common policy asks

These, in turn, allow members to accelerate the transformation of major economic systems, in line with Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement and Vision 2050.

Member companies and WBCSD are accelerating the development of business solutions for challenges with energy, food systems, nature, living spaces, mobility, circular economy, and social impacts. WBCSD’s unique collaborative platform enables members to transform their value chains and, with innovative approaches to integrated performance management, risk management and purpose-driven disclosure, create new market opportunities, resilience, and attract lower cost of capital than companies which take no action.




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