Vital Supply Chains

    The unfolding COVID-19 crisis has exposed and exacerbated the deep risks in our global food system. Chronic hunger and food insecurity already threatened hundreds of millions of lives across the world before the pandemic, and these systemic challenges are set to spike with economic downturn and strains on food supply chains. WBCSD’s Vital Supply Chains project seeks to bring partners, experts and members together to lead collective action for an inclusive, sustainable and healthier recovery from COVID-19 and future food system for all.

    For more information, please contact Sylvain Maibach.

    The challenge

    Building a healthy, resilient recovery from COVID-19 means tackling the pre-existing threats to our food systems while strengthening structures and systems that work well, collaborating for rapid, aligned action to prevent a global food crisis and mobilize support for those in highest need.

    The business case

    Business action is urgent -- for today and for the long-term --  around the globe. We must take measures now to protect people’s nutrition in the face of COVID-19 to avoid irreversible damage and long-term negative impacts on people and economies. And, as the pandemic exposes the fragility of our food systems, we must seize the opportunity to build back better for a more nutritious future.

    The solution

    WBCSD’S Vital Supply Chains project convenes members, partners and experts to mobilize business leadership to mitigate food risks from COVID-19. We share learnings to mitigate immediate risks, build resilience against systemic vulnerabilities, and lead collective action to help shape a stronger policy response on food risks.

    Our workstreams

    1. Rapid Response Platform: WBCSD convenes experts, members and partners to tackle the major food risks from COVID-19 and share examples of effective business action to protect vital supply chains. We support our members to take collective responses in the regions and topics that matter, focusing on issues such as farmer financing and strengthening supply chains for fruits and vegetables.
    2. Collective Action Coalition:  WBCSD convenes an engaged coalition of leaders from companies and partners to raise our collective voice to shape the global policy environment for COVID-19 recovery plans and packages. We will create the narrative on immediate and long-term food system change required in response to COVID-19. To drive this change, we will focus on advocacy and thought leadership, media engagement and continuous profiling of business leadership.  
    3. Food System Blueprint for Recovery: In collaboration with member companies, partners and select external experts, the Blueprint will anticipate the recovery needs of member companies and provide a schematic to accelerate business leadership. The workstream will support ambitious business solutions to drive a more resilient food system that contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement by 2030.

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