Redefining Value

Redefining Value is one of WBCSD’s five key programs. At its core, it is an effort to help companies measure and manage risk, gain competitive advantage and seize new opportunities by understanding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information, and then using it to inform decision-making and improve corporate reporting.

We do this by providing tools, guidance, case studies, engagement and education opportunities to help companies incorporate ESG performance into traditional business and finance through the following Program Areas: Business decision-making and External disclosure.

By doing this, we’re helping companies give key stakeholders access to better, more complete and meaningful information about the full array of business risks and opportunities.

Program areas

External Disclosure

Through our External disclosure projects, we’re looking at how businesses communicate their methods of risk management and their true performance to the outside world. 

Business Decision-Making

Our projects in business decision-making aim to improve internal processes to incorporate hidden costs and benefits as they relate to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. 

Impact on SDGs

The SDGs lie at the heart of what we do. Even though your business may not be focusing on any specific SDG target, by putting effort into the business solutions that are aligned with your business strategy, and that have the greatest meaning and impact potential for your business, you are effectively contributing to the SDGs.

Business solutions related to the Redefining Value pathway contribute to the following SDGs.