AGRA: Farmer-centered responses to transform Africa’s smallholder farming

AGRA is an alliance led by Africans with roots in farming communities across the continent. AGRA’s response to COVID-19 is multifaceted and detailed in the organization's bi-weekly situation reports. Activities include the provision of guidelines to enable partners and grantees across the value chain to better deliver services to farmers. AGRA works with technology partners to deliver extension services to smallholders and operates on the ground in Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Malawi, and Tanzania.

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  • Response platform
Geographical Scope
  • Africa
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  • NGO
Operational areas
  • Agriculture, aquaculture & forestry
  • Agriculture

More information

AGRA has highlighted that the finance aspect is problematic, as farmers try to access inputs and seeds. Smallholder farmers need to access technology and financing solutions such as extended credit terms. AGRA is working various private sector partners and funding partners, including Yara. For more information, please contact

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