Spain: Forética´s response to COVID-19

Published: 11 Dec 2020
Type: News

Madrid, 11 December 2020 - Due to the current health crisis caused by COVID-19, many companies have been forced to take actions to safeguard the wellbeing of their employees. The pandemic has also forced many companies to assess their roles and step up to ensure a positive contribution to the community they operate in.

In Forética, the leading business organization in Spain in sustainability and CSR, we are changing and adapting our organization to these circumstances since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. Some measures implemented are:

  • Processes adaptation. We ensure health and safety of our members and staff by levering technology and adapting our processes (meetings, fora, events, trainings are offered via online) to adapt our services to the current situation. Thanks to this, Forética has prevented CO2 emissions and minimized its environmental impact. For instance, ESG SpainCorporate Sustainability Forum prevented 126.678 kg of CO2 emissions since it was held virtually. In addition, Forética adapted the SGE21 standard audit process to ensure the safety of companies and auditors.
  • Dialogue with our suppliers to adapt their processes in alignment with ESG criteria as required by our suppliers’ policy.
  • 100% teleworking. We have promoted teleworking and remote connection to 100% of our team. To do so, we have provided staff with all the necessary equipment (personal laptops, digital & collaborative platforms, etc.).
  • Support plan. Each employee received financial support to adapt to their home office. In addition, this plan includes individual psychological support from specialists to better face this complex and challenging situation.
  • Extra days of leave. In order to compensate for the uncertainty and to enhance access to free time, we decided to extend the number of days of leave available to the team.
  • Plan to return to the office safely. To ensure the health and safety of our employees when returning to the workplace, some of the measures taken include splitting of employees into two teams, the readjustment of the office and the installation of hydro alcoholic hand gel dispensers.
  • Additional alternatives for mobility to return to the office such as parking spaces for employees living outside Madrid, financing car sharing and electric bikes for those who live in Madrid and flexible arrival and departure times.

Besides the internal measures taken, Forética launched The Future of Sustainability project. Through this initiative, international trends and news related to this crisis - from a sustainability perspective - are presented to our network partners. In addition, we also showcased and shared the main projects and initiatives developed by our partners in response to COVID-19 pandemic challenges.

Forética has always been committed to health and wellbeing in workplaces. Through the HEALTH AND SUSTAINABILITY Action Group, we analyze the business case for health and sustainability and identify the roadmap to integrate SDG 3 (health and wellbeing) into our organizational strategy. The Action Group will continue working towards a new edition (2020-2021) on the link between climate change and health and the role of companies in this situation, while focusing on the impacts of COVID-19.

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About Forética

Forética is the leading organization in sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Spain. Its mission is to integrate social, environmental and good governance aspects in the strategy and management of companies and organizations. It is currently made up of more than 240 partners, including 43% of the companies listed on the IBEX 35, as well as subsidiaries of multinationals, small and medium-sized companies, leading NGOs and personal partners.

Forética is the representative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Spain and therefore the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development. In Europe, Forética is a national partner of CSR Europe . In addition, it is part of the State Council of CSR in Spain.

Forética was born in 1999. Later, it launched the SGE 21 Standard , the first ethical and socially responsible management system. To date, more than 150 companies and organizations are certified with the Standard in Spain and Latin America.

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