Future of Work

Companies have the opportunity to drive significant progress on the SDG agenda through interactions and engagement with their own workforces around the world. With society and technology changing faster than ever before, WBCSD is working towards a vision of the Future of Work where people thrive – personally, professionally, and as active members of their communities. This is a future with inclusive workforces that are secure, motivated, skilled and prepared for any challenge that comes next. 

    The challenge

    The combination of rapid technological evolution, emerging global trends and disruptions, and shifting worker expectations make for a highly dynamic and changeable world of work that can be difficult for businesses to navigate. If businesses don’t act, they risk being unprepared for these challenges and unable to realize the opportunities that are brought about by building a stronger business in a thriving society.

    The business case

    Taking a positive and proactive approach to shaping the Future of Work, and placing people at the heart of corporate decision-making will enable companies to respond to people’s desire for income security, well-being, empowerment and purpose, while also ensuring that they attract and retain the individuals they need to drive long-term business success.  It will ensure a future where people and business don’t just adapt, but thrive.

    The solution

    Everyone is talking about how to prepare for the future of work. We want to work with business to shape it. WBCSD’s Future of Work project is calling on leading businesses to combine their insight, innovation and influence to:

    • Be responsible – building foundations for fair and meaningful work, implementing new technology responsibly, and operating with high levels of transparency and trust.
    • Be transformative – working together to create strategies and business models that enable an equitable, diverse, inclusive and empowering future of work – contributing to future-fit businesses, labor markets and social security mechanisms, with people at the center. 

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