Shaping sustainable finance policy

This project unifies and brings the business voice to sustainable finance policy by offering real-life examples and real-economy perspectives to policymakers. We bring perspectives to financial regulators, standard setters and accounting bodies -  through clear messaging, input into consultation processes and representation at key policy moments to help shape the architecture of the financial system.

    The challenge

    The regulatory landscape is shifting across the globe as governments and standard-setters are outlining stronger expectations to align business with sustainability. As such, businesses and other financial actors are calling for clear policy signals about regulatory commitment to long-term resilience and sustainability, through an internationally coordinated approach. 

    The business case

    In order for the transition to sustainable development to happen at the speed and scale required, it is necessary for global leaders, governments and regulatory institutions to address the market failures that minimize incentives to pursue longer-term initiatives and sustainable investments. Coherent policy strategy across jurisdictions is urgently needed to translate sustainable development ambitions into clear business and investment opportunities.

    The solution

    Shaping Sustainable Finance Policy is an international, pre-competitive, cross-sectoral discussion forum comprised of 40+ leading companies. Finance is a key enabler of sustainability. Together, members of the working group aim to 1) identify and input into key regulatory pathways for recognizing and rewarding the most sustainable companies and mobilizing finance toward sustainable development. 2) Support coordinated and ambitious messaging at politically relevant moments to illustrate the highest level of corporate ambition 3) Promote knowledge sharing and embody best-practice – building political will and momentum for policy-makers to aim higher. Through this project, members contribute to shaping the financial system so that it properly incentivizes and rewards sustainable behavior, encouraging finance to flow to sustainable development.

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