Social & Human Capital Protocol

As the practice of measuring social impact evolves and gains momentum, companies are increasingly calling for a harmonized approach to measure and value their interactions with people and society. In response to this need, we launched the Social & Human Capital Coalition in April 2018, which has driven the collaborative development of the Social & Human Capital Protocol. The Protocol aims to clarify best practices, boost the positive impacts of business, and improve business credibility by integrating the consideration of social impacts and dependencies into performance management and decision-making.

The Challenge

Companies are struggling to identify fit-for-purpose approaches to integrating social measurement, management and valuation within their organizations. Many tools exist and more are emerging; however, they're based on different assumptions, offer different functionalities, suit different purposes, and increasingly compete for uptake. As a result, credibility and comparability suffer.

The Business Case

Developing a credible and broadly accepted approach is essential, not only to demonstrate our performance to stakeholders and shareholders, but also to ensure the effort of measuring and reporting informs a continuous movement towards more socially sustainable practices. Only by working together can we ensure an outcome with the power to truly transform the way we do business.” The WBCSD Redefining Value Board

The Business Solution

The Social & Human Capital Protocol is a critical part of the evolving business toolkit, bringing together the currently fragmented landscape of social measurement and valuation. It provides the universal processes, principles and tools needed by business to ensure social risks and opportunities are considered alongside financial and environmental issues in corporate strategy and decision-making. It also lays solid foundations for integrated reporting.

Download the 2019 Social & Human Capital Protocol here.

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