Assess & Manage Performance

Assessing natural, social and human capital alongside financial capital provides more meaningful information to build better decisions, driving value creation for business, society, the environment and - ultimately – capital providers.

We’re exploring performance management practices that build long-term business success, identifying weaknesses in current systems and looking at new ways of solving today’s performance management challenges.

This work ties closely with our Enterprise Risk Management and Governance and internal controls projects.

    The challenge

    The business landscape is changing. Environmental and social risks account for most of the top global risks in terms of impact and likelihood, and up to 80% of a company’s value is intangible such as research, innovation, know-how, relationships, entrepreneurial and managerial skills and access to environmental resources.

    The business case

    Performance assessment and management - the way companies gather, process and act on information - must respond and change in the current landscape. Businesses can no longer solely focus on financial information to assess their performance. Performance management must drive long-term business success and value creation.

    The solution

    We help businesses create and realize sustainable, competitive strategies by improving corporate performance management practices. Accelerating the transition to a sustainable world through decision-making based on integrated processes and information, related to people (resources and relationships), processes (planning and evaluation) and systems (infrastructure and controls).

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