MorningStar Farms® (Kellogg’s)

Published: 1 Sep 2020
Type: Case study


The MorningStar Farms® mission stems from a simple truth: plant-based food is better for people and the planet. Incogmeato™ by MorningStar Farms® is a new line of next-generation plant-based protein that looks, cooks and tastes just like meat. This project aligns with the objective of Kellogg’s to drive significant impact in plant-based eating by increasing the availability and awareness of plant-based foods and ensuring that consumers have plant-based alternatives across more foods and occasions.

Partners involved

Grocery stores nationwide, including TOPS, Wegmans, Weis, Price Chopper, Gelson’s, HyVee, and select Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Meijer, Ingles, Walmart, and more, have partnered with Kellogg’s to support MorningStar Farms®.


The Kellogg’s plant-based meats category grew more than 37% between 2017 and 2019, highlighting the growing demand for plant-based meats. MorningStar Farms® is part of the Kellogg’s Away from Home channel in over 45,000 locations and it can be found at 25,000 retail grocery stores across the US. This is allowing more consumers access to plant-based alternatives and the ability to make small changes.


Prejudice towards plant-based foods has been a major barrier as many consumers are still afraid that plant-based foods will not taste as good. In addition, consumers do not see some types of plant-based proteins as readily accessible. Morningstar Farms® is trying to tackle both barriers by making tasty and appealing plant-based foods that are readily available in grocery stores at a competitive price point.

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