Improving Stakeholder Governance: Aligning corporate purpose and the business model

Published: 20 Oct 2021
Type: Publication

There is no single approach to engaging with stakeholders and companies will engage in different methods that work for their business. However, our research shows that more needs to be done to improve the effectiveness of these engagement activities and to integrate them into business decision-making.  Good stakeholder governance is a business imperative and fundamental to creating long-term value.

Improving Stakeholder Governance is a companion piece to Boards and their stakeholders: The state of play, WBCSD’s research in collaboration with DNV, which highlighted that while engaging with stakeholders is critical, practice is still in its infancy at board level.

This self-evaluation tool developed by WBCSD and DNV as a response to requests from respondents to the original research asking for a simple way to help assess and improve their approach to stakeholder governance.

Access the tool here.

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