Meeting the skills gap: Best practices of WBCSD members in emerging markets

Published: 28 Jan 2015
Type: Publication

How can companies increase employment and entrepreneurship throughout the value chain, build skills, and engage youth?

A new collection of case studies provides some insights into solutions put in place by ITC, SABMiller, and Vale, three WBCSD member companies with a significant presence in emerging markets. They have taken proactive steps and initiated training programs that empower not only their workforce, but also their suppliers, retailers, and the surrounding communities.

The case studies, compiled in a booklet produced in collaboration with the Let’s Work Global Partnership, demonstrate that companies, in collaboration with the public sector and educational institutions, can play a significant role toward successfully increasing the skills and employability of thousands of people. Driven by a desire of scalability, the case studies reveal practical experiences and perspectives, and showcase the positive impact of the training programs on the company, local society and economy at large.

The companies’ initiatives are categorized into three areas:

  • Workforce development – Continuous training for employees is essential for any organization’s productivity and ultimate growth. Workforce training leads to increased human capital and innovation while also simultaneously creating a motivated, better trained workforce.
  • Value chain development – Companies face the challenge of finding appropriate suppliers and distributors, most notably at the level of micro, small, and medium enterprises that are able to meet their requirements. It makes business sense for the company to help these entrepreneurs enhance their productivity and expand their business.
  • Community development – Programs targeting the community include vocational training to local youth, women and the unemployed, with the aim of increasing their employability in the job market.

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