SDG Sector Roadmaps

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have the potential to unleash innovation, economic growth, and development globally at an unprecedented scale. They also represent significant market opportunities for business, estimated to be worth at least US$12 trillion per year by 2030.

However, the ambitious agenda that the SDGs represent goes beyond business as usual. In particular, realizing the goals, and unlocking the business opportunities they represent, will require pioneering new forms of collaboration between a critical mass of companies at the sector level.

    The challenge

    Achieving the SDGs and harnessing the potential they represent is beyond the reach of any single company. The ambitions of the goals call for coordination and collective efforts from entire industry sectors. It is therefore critical that leading companies within sectors are able to come together to plot a common SDG vision for their industries and develop detailed “roadmaps” to guide their industry’s shift to sustainable development in line with the SDGs.

    The business case

    SDG sector roadmaps enable key players across a particular industry to come together to develop a common understanding of how they can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and to establish a collective pathway to accelerate and optimize that level of contribution on the road to 2030. This in turn helps the sector to collectively strengthen its license to operate, manage operational and regulatory risks, and open up growth markets.

    The solution

    Through its SDG Sector Roadmap project WBCSD looks to support its member companies and the wider business community in developing robust SDG roadmaps which will help guide and inspire entire sectors as they seek to optimize their contributions to the SDGs. WBCSD is working directly with numerous sectors on their road-mapping initiatives and has also published freely available guidelines which outline best practice in terms of the road-mapping process.

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