LeasePlan fleet conversion case study: EV adoption for employee vehicles

Published: 25 Jun 2020
Type: Case study

LeasePlan has set the ambitious target of achieving zero emissions from its total funded fleet by 2030, starting with its own employee fleet. To transition the local employee fleet to fully-electric, LeasePlan Netherlands’ HR department introduced an electric vehicle (EV) policy and initiated their EV implementation in 2017.

As a first step on the journey towards fully electric fleets, the company needed to address a number of existing challenges. While the HR department was worried about how the EV policy would impact costs and talent retention, employees voiced concerns around the availability of EVs, the waiting time during highway charging and the suitability of EVs for high mileage drivers.

The HR department developed a broad approach that enables drivers to get familiarized with EVs, facilitates charging and allows the senior management team to lead by example.

By addressing these issues, LeasePlan successfully implemented their EV only policy in 2018 with minimal impact on costs and talent retention and positive reactions from employees.

View case study and access the key learnings from LeasePlan’s EV fleet adoption.

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