Reporting matters

We developed Reporting matters in partnership with Radley Yeldar to help improve the effectiveness of sustainability reporting.

Every year, we analyze sustainability reports from our member companies against a set of comprehensive indicators. We offer all of our member companies individual feedback sessions to give personalized feedback about how and where to do better – and where to keep up the good work.

We compile the overall results to publish an annual overview of reporting trends, showcase good practices and provide recommendations for how to improve.

    The challenge

    Companies face considerable pressure to produce sustainability reports from a range of stakeholders. On one hand, there are mounting disclosure requirements from regulators and investors. On the other hand, a variety of other stakeholder groups expect companies to disclose meaningful sustainability information. Companies often invest considerable amounts of time and money into their sustainability reports, but they don’t always capture the full benefit of sharing solid and meaningful information. Reporting matters is designed to deliver the solution.

    The business case

    The corporate reporting landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Different countries and organizations are introducing new standards, revised frameworks and overlapping initiatives. Plus, different stakeholder groups are demanding different information in various formats. Companies who clearly understand how to navigate this landscape are better positioned to meet these varied needs.

    The solution

    Reporting matters helps businesses realize the value of reporting by showing how companies use the reporting process to drive change inside their businesses, while effectively meeting their stakeholders’ needs.

    Each year, we review the most complete source of sustainability information from each member company to track trends on a variety of external issues including alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and others. The annual publication showcases these trends over time. Additionally, we offer personalized feedback on where to improve.

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