City-Business Collaboration

As centers of human activity, cities are responsible for around three-quarters of global CO₂ emissions. While being critical drivers of climate change, cities are also severely affected by it. The world must reduce the carbon footprint of urban environments, and cities and businesses need to work together closely to achieve the necessary emissions reductions. WBCSD’s City-Business Collaboration project brings city governments and the private sector together to decrease emissions on a greater scale than any single city or company could accomplish alone.

    The challenge

    Cities are crucial for tackling climate change as they consume approximately 78% of global energy use and account for over 70% of global CO₂ emissions. More than half of the world’s population already lives in cities and by 2050, the urban population will reach 68%. Limiting global warming while managing this urban growth will require urgent and coordinated action to establish cleaner and more efficient energy and resource use.

    The business case

    Business has the critical know-how, innovative thinking and momentum to accelerate the transition to sustainability in cities across the world. WBCSD’s City-Business Collaboration is a cross-cutting project that offers engagement opportunities with cities to test and scale proven business solutions that lead to positive climate, nature and social impact. With access to the City-Business Climate Alliance (CBCA), a joint initiative by WBCSD, C40 Cities and CDP, we set up local partnerships between public and private stakeholders to cut emissions in cities at the scale and pace necessary to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

    The solution

    Through the CBCA partnership, we engage companies with a growing global network of 20 cities and facilitate strategic dialogues on business solutions using the experience from WBCSD projects across all programs. Initially, we are working locally in eight cities to support the implementation of their climate action plans by gathering cities and businesses to create systemic change through data-driven, joint climate action. Together, we can reach ambitious carbon reduction targets and build an inclusive and climate-safe future.

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