Line 1 Quito Metro, Ecuador – ACCIONA

This project consists of a 22 km tunnel that will constitute Quito’s first metro line, transporting up to 400,000 people a day and connecting the South, Center and North of the city in 34 minutes. The project will result in a reduction of 67,000 tons of CO2, as well as the creation of 23,700 jobs a year.  

The innovative gender approach introduced in municipal transportation led to the remodeling of 43 out of 44 trolley stops in accordance with new safety criteria. This includes the construction of clear glass aisles that provide safe transfer and waiting areas. 

In the Metropolitan Company of Passenger Transport, 600 officials have been trained to help survivors of harassment and other forms of sexual violence, including applying protocols that maintain consistent standards of response. 

The attention services in five of the main metropolitan transport stations, known as “Get Down to Harassment”, help to collect complaints of sexual harassment and provide support to survivors. 

Thanks to a new mobile application, women can safely and immediately report cases of sexual harassment via text messages. Hundreds of cases have already been received and referred to action within the court system.

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