Our partners

WBCSD offers a unique platform for business to work together in a pre-competitive space to deliver high-impact actionable solutions to the most challenging sustainability issues addressing the SDGs. Projects are enabled and developed with member companies, providing them ultimately with the tools to transform entire sectors and value chains.

None of this would be possible without the valuable insight, endorsement, and contribution of non-business actors from civil society, academia, governments, or philanthropy. Partnerships with these key stakeholders are important to the success of WBCSD, its members and sustainability as a whole.

    About partnerships at WBCSD

    WBCSD is a member association of exclusively private sector organizations. Its governing body, the Executive Committee, is composed of CEOs and Chairmen/women of member companies.

    WBCSD projects are led by members, ensuring full engagement and participation; the projects are generally resourced by members as well, with case by case support from partner organizations providing in-kind competencies and/or financial resources enabling greater impact and implementation of the transformation agenda.

    Partners, from a broad range of non-business stakeholders, are invited by the programs to engage in relevant WBCSD working groups where their competencies provide impact or scale.

    Working with WBCSD provides partners a unique opportunity to participate in action-oriented programs with strong impact potential. It also offers a “safe” platform to engage with the private sector, to understand the business mind-set and priorities, and develop a network with a different stakeholder group.

    Collaborating with WBCSD also gives access to its Global Network, an alliance of more than 60 CEO-led business organizations worldwide. The Network, encompassing some 5,000 companies, is united by a shared commitment to provide business leadership for sustainable development in their respective countries and regions.

    Who we work with

    Partners participate in WBCSD activities where particular need for external collaboration is identified and deemed valuable to WBCSD Members as a catalytic factor in reaching transformative action.

    Program partners

    See the partners working with our six programs: Circular Economy, Cities & Mobility, Climate & Energy, Food & Nature, People and Redefining Value

    Outreach partners

    Outreach partners provide outreach and advocacy support to WBCSD’s activities through various platforms - access to media, conferences, network organizations, etc.

    Collaboration partners

    Collaboration partners provide significant systems transformation capacity through their engagement in and commitment to our programs. Collaboration partners can be major platforms, philanthropy, development agencies, etc.  

    Policy partners

    Policy partners provide cross-cutting policy insights and access to policy stakeholders such as governmental or international organizations, and governments themselves.

    Examples include city or country level governments, UN organizations, EU, etc.

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