Freshwater Accountability Navigator (FAN)

Coming soon: The Freshwater Accountability Navigator (FAN), a publicly available, streamlined and interactive guidance that helps to direct businesses to various frameworks and tools as it relates to assessing water-related impacts and dependencies, setting water targets, taking transformative action and disclosing water-related information. The FAN summarizes key water-related frameworks and tools across the ACT-D steps (Assess, Commit, Transform, Disclose) and will help sustainability professionals to identify key frameworks to use depending on their current level of water maturity and data readiness. The navigator is being developed by WBCSD, in collaboration with Quantis, and will be available to companies in early 2024. 

At World Water Week 2023, WBCSD hosted an introduction session, with speakers from companies having participated in the development of the FAN.  If you missed our session you can view a shortened version (22 min) or the full- length version (90mins).

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